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VP Auto Sales The One Stop Shop For Cars & Credit

In our 25+ years of business, we have helped over 20,000 customers with bad credit find & finance used vehicles. We use buy here pay here auto loans to help customers purchase our used cars and trucks.

Any Credit Approval We believe in second chances

Bad credit shouldn't stand in the way of a good deal. That's why we forget your credit score and focus on what really matters: Your job, Your effort, Your potential, not your past. You work too hard to be turned down.

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Quality Cars From Quality Folks Peace of mind included

Just like you, we want problem free cars. That's why we inspect every system of every vehicle. Why we spend an average of $1,000 per vehicle correcting issues we find. And why we test drive each vehicle for 40+ miles to double check our work.

Set-up For Success Prices and payments you can afford

We understand you want the nicest vehicle possible for the least amount of money. That's why we structure our loans for success. Our affordable payments allow you to rest easy, knowing your vehicle is a benefit, not a burden.

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Excellent Extras Bonuses you won't find elsewhere

We bring a lot to the table. Free loaner vehicles make it easy to get to work if your vehicle is in service. Free payments just for referring your friends. Interest free service loans keep repairs affordable. The list goes on...